Wk 15-EC-Feedback

Top 3 Favorite Art Activities for Fall Semester Art 110:

  1. Landscape With A Corpse
  2. Automatic Drawing
  3. Sketching in the Japanese Garden


Landscape With A Corpse:

I really enjoyed this activity not only because recreating it in my own way was hilarious and super fun but because the original work by Izima Kaoru was so inspiring. I thought the concept of the entire project was so original and creative. The landscapes, the fashion, poses, models–they were all so cool to look at. Looking through some of the other people in the class and their takes on Landscape With A Corpse recreations was awesome.

Automatic Drawing:

I think the reason I mostly enjoyed this activity was because I had a friend, some brews, and Johnny Cash to help me get it done. It was just a fun time all around. Others say it was awkward, but for me, it was pretty fun if you have the right setup and partner.

Sketching in the Japanese Garden:

I loved this activity! It was so relaxing. I don’t spend any time in the garden so finally being able to after so long was really nice. Getting things I was observing onto my sketch pad was just something I really enjoyed. I got the chance to chat with a fellow classmate while I sketched, we critiqued each other, and it was a pretty cool time. Definitely recommend keeping this activity–all three of the above actually!


I really enjoyed the Hybrid aspect of the class. I have a busy schedule so it was really nice not to have to be on campus for an extra day for the class. The Beach Arts website was pretty self-explanatory. I never felt like there were details that were missing that may prevent me from getting each activity done right. I encourage the display of other classmates artwork and projects very much! I really enjoyed that. I also totally agree on the idea of an ePortfolio. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to stop and revise my entire website to transform it into one, but I completely agree that in this day and age, an ePortfolio seems pretty useful and convenient. I loved the art talk videos. They were the right length. There weren’t any that made me think, “when is this thing over?” They were not only informative but pretty interesting. The examples included in all of them made it overall worth watching.


Enjoy the holidays, Glenn! Thanks for the cool times this Fall semester!


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