Wk 15-Art Activity- Finger Painting

For this weeks art activity, finger painting, I really had no aim as to what exactly I wanted to draw–if I wanted to draw an actual picture or if I was going to just wing it and get down whatever the heck my fingers were trying to do on that paper. I basically just started repeating different patterns at first which you can see on the left side. I have long nails so I was dipping my nails in the paint and scratching them onto the paper to make random vertical lines. They came out pretty cool. I made fingerprint dots off in one section, a flower, and played with the blue colors I received in my art kit. They looked so pretty together so I decided to mess around and mix them together–reminded me of the ocean. I  used some of the red paint to draw a flower–a hibiscus to be exact. I grew up on an island that had them in every corner, front yard, and garden so they are easily my favorite flower. I did not think it was very difficult at all to get anything onto the paper. I just winged it, and it really was pretty inspiring. I found myself drawing things I missed the most–home and the ocean. So overall, I enjoyed this activity. I haven’t fingerprinted in years so it was pretty liberating getting a little messy. Definitely going to try this out on my own again maybe with more friends and wine.


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