Wk 14-Classmate Conversation-Joy Uba


This is Joy Uba. She is graduating in 2 weeks with her BS in Accounting! I congratulated her on that because I can only imagine how relieved she must be. I’m graduating in the Spring so I already cannot wait for that! Joy is super smart, ha ha. She is a part of the Beta Alpha Psi and Accounting Society as well as other club which I think are pretty cool accomplishments. She has apparently taken up photography as a hobby. She says she is only a beginner, but her IG followers often speak of how professional her photos were. She says she plays the piano and the ukulele which is super cool because I’ve always wanted to learn to play the piano, however, I love playing the ukulele as well. It’s the only instrument I could play, and once I got the hang of it, it was so fun to play. She one day hopes to open up a cool, little coffee shop in downtown Riverside which is pretty cool. When I spoke to her about her view on the college experience in the year 2036, she says that she believes technology would essentially take over the way we live and learn as there may also be alternatives to actually driving and physically attending class. She explains that an alternative she can think of would be students ability to “sit in” class for lectures and the like with virtual reality helmets. Honestly, her idea was pretty cool, and I hope she’s right! Ha ha. Check her out: https://pizzagreaterthanyou.wordpress.com


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