Wk 14-Art Activity-Instagram

This weeks activity consisted of the entire class posting up to 4 photos to Instagram with the hashtag #Art110f16 in which we would all contribute to in order to make our “giant group selfie.” I really like the idea of it. It also makes me really appreciate how convenient hashtags are and how they link like people together–speaking the same things, doing the same things that so many others are doing as well and all over the world, too. When I took a close look at our group selfie, I noticed a lot of the common things I usually see on Instagram: OOTDs (Outfits of the Day), food grams, dog grams, scenery, etc. I also noticed that certain people edit their photos according to the type of aesthetic they find pleasing whether it involves lighting, color, photo subjects, etc. I see this all across many other IG accounts. There is usually a certain “vibe” each user wants their audience to feel–a vibe that reflects off of each user and the aesthetic they want to give off. I really enjoy people who do this because I think it not only is visually appealing, but it tells you a lot of the “style” of each user. Each picture involves the personal life of each user and whether or not there is much content in the picture, it is interesting to think of how each picture is just a glimpse of what was going on at the time each photo was taken. I did a lot of contemplating during this activity, and it was pretty interesting to think about the art of documentation nowadays, if I can get away with saying that (ha ha).


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