Wk 13-Classmate Conversation-Alex Miramontes


This is Alex Miramontes. He recently turned 22. He is in his fourth year at CSULB majoring in Psychology and minoring in Human Development. He is expected to graduate this coming Spring (so am I) which he’s really excited about (so am I!). Alex plans to take a year off school before he applies for a master’s program which I give him props for because that means more school, ha ha. We found that we both enjoy live music and concerts. His favorite bands include Arcade Fire, The Xx, The National, and Local Natives (all of which I LOVE). I’ve never heard of The National but he says they’re awesome with a really cool sounds so I told him I’d check them out. He hopes to one days see The Xx live in the near future. When asked whether he would take the red or blue pill from The Matrix, Alex and I agreed that we definitely would rather take the red pill. We agreed that the red pill was overall made more exciting rather than taking the blue pill and waking up in our beds like nothing ever happened. We both thought that was pretty boring but if a mysterious man said that a pill would take us down a rabbit hole of a journey, we’d definitely do that instead. Check out his page: https://alvxm.wordpress.com.


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