Wk 12-Artist Conversation-Sage Garver

Artist: Sage Garver

Exhibition: Bio

Media: Polyurethane Foam, paint, wire, plastic film

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: N/A


Sage Garver is now a 24-year-old senior completing her BFA in Sculpture. She is a local to Hermosa Beach. However, she was born in the Philippines. She previously attended El Camino College where her interest in sculpture flourished so she followed that interest and decided to study it, but previously she showed interest in drawing, hiking, cooking as other hobbies she tries to keep up. Sage mentions that although this is her first senior exhibit, she enjoyed the work she put into it especially when it came to designing. She mentions the most strenuous task about creating her exhibit was installing every piece she had meant for it–it took her several days where she was working nonstop to get it finished. But overall, she really enjoyed putting all her ideas together to get the end result she was looking for.

Bio, to me, had a very sleek and simple look. White sculpted polyurethane foam on the walls representing microscopic images of the cells, viruses, and diseases Sage was familiar to. Everything was painted white except the centerpiece which looked almost like a nucleus or ball of cells which may have represented an aspect to the disease Sage was pinpointing. Connected to this ball were gold chains which to me represented axons which transmit things to and from one cell body to another.

Sage mentioned repeatedly that a lot of the exhibition was a representation of her body. She goes on to mention that she suffered from an illness as a child until the present day. This illness, she says, was quite debilitating and hindered her from doing the things she wanted to do as a child and as she grew up since she was often in and out of the hospital frequently. There is a metaphor for unity she uses in Bio which could possibly represent how there are different aspects in life that harmonize with each other allowing us to maintain health and happiness within ourselves and our bodies. The fork found within the exhibit is meant to represent the importance of what we allow ourselves to put into our bodies and how these things affect our bodies immediately and down the line as we age. Sage says Bio is open to interpretation as she does acknowledge that he work is meant to be quite ambiguous.

Bio really hit home for me as it brought back memories of how I had to watch a close friend battle with a serious illness as we grew up. Back then, I was too young to make sense of everything–I just knew that something was wrong with her. Growing up it caused me to become fearful of sickness and diseases. I was teased by friends for being too much of a germaphobe. I had this fear and knowledge of death at a young age, and it greatly affected how I continued to live my life once I was old enough to make sense of it. I find myself terrified of cancer especially. I was once told that 80% of people will end up with some form of cancer within their lives, and it terrifies me. So I really empathize with Sage because although I’ve never had to live with a debilitating disease, I’ve seen the toll it takes on someones body and how hard it can be to deal with it especially emotionally. Bio was a beautiful exhibit.



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