Wk 11 – Classmate Conversation – Amanda Martinez


This weeks classmate conversation was with Amanda Martinez. Amanda is a native to California from the city of Glendora. She is completing her 5th year at CSULB with a major in Environmental Science with a minor in Biology. What I thought was really cool was that she plans on pursuing a career in doing research for wetland ecology and plastic pollution. So I thought that was a really cool thing to want to do as a career while also thinking, “why didn’t I think of that?” She stated that she doesn’t really have any time for hobbies right now since she’s so busy with schooling. However, she does like to rollerblade (badass) and rides her bike often to make up for the lack of exercise she’s been doing as of lately. When asked what she thought on Demi Lovato’s reaction to her mermaid photo she believe that Demi mildly overreacted. Amanda says the photo was art; it wasn’t mean to be portrayed as something real. I have to disagree a little with Amanda on that because I’d personally rather have a photo published of myself in my true form and shape (even though, yes, I was trying to pose as a mythical creature like the mermaid). As we as a society continue to progress our way of thinking about our bodies and self-love, I believe it is then very important to be portrayed and viewed physically by what you were naturally born with. Amanda goes on to say that however she understands why Demi acted the way she did because she has long been portraying herself as a supporter of positive body image in today’s society. Go Demi! Amanda’s blog: https://amanateeblog.wordpress.com.

Check it out!


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