Wk 8-Classmate Conversation-Amy Song


This is Amy Song. You can find her at https://amysongblog.wordpress.com. She is in her second year at CSULB pursuing her degree in Biology (which I think is really badass). She hopes to be a Veterinarian in the future. She enjoys cooking and eating (same), playing basketball, and drawing.

She says she has all the boring apps on her first page so she just gave me the ones on her second page, ha ha. She keeps all her social media apps on her second page. She uses Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, and Tumblr the most. Although, I keep my social media apps on my first page, I am frequently using apps like Facebook and Snapchat. She includes her music apps like Spotify, Soundcloud, and Shazam. Since I’m always listening to music, I actually keep my music apps like Spotify and Soundcloud on the main bar where my messages and Safari app are kept so I’m not sliding through pages looking for them. They are used most frequently. She has a few shopping and entertainment apps like Amazon, yelp, and Starbucks. She also includes her Pokemon Go and Tinder app on that page as well. I have other random apps that I don’t keep grouped up according to categories because I’m not used to organization–apps for shopping, concert tracker, Uber, and a personal reminder app all included.

A medium of art she would recommend someone else to experience would be film because she has had some practice and experience in creating videos and making short films before where she learned in a film and photography class she has taken. She believes people often overlook the amount of hard work that goes into the production of a film. It is easy for her to recognize this which makes it easy for her to appreciate and recommend to another person.

Amy found it difficult to state whether or not she’d be supportive of her child’s choice of pursuing an art career only because she has never imagined herself having kids. However, she states that she believes that a parent should be supportive of their child’s choices for their career and never put them down for it.


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