Wk 8-Art Activity-Sketching at the Japanese Garden

So for this weeks art activity which was art sketching out in the Japanese garden (which was really relaxing), I did a couple sketches capturing the tree that stands by the entrance into the entire garden located by the pond. I sat directly across the lake facing the tree so I instantly focused on it and began drawing. I’m not very good at detailing so I focused on main shapes of the tree, the branches, leaves, etc. I focused on a little on some of the scenery behind and to the side of the tree itself although I did not have a chance to really get anything else down. I also tried to incorporate the right shadowing–simpler detailing. It was fun to draw I was pretty surprised at how well I did since I’ve never prided myself on being even the slightest artistically inclined when it came to drawing. The second sketching below are just a few things I was observing on the pond. I was staring right at a little grassy island which was held up by some rocks while a few trees grew above them. I’m not very good at drawing scenery as a whole so I just decided I’d focus on a little tree and some long leave grass that grew out of the pond itself. Again, I tried to use some shadowing to make it more dimensional. It was a lot harder than the sketching I did of the tree, but I really enjoyed it nonetheless.


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