Wk 6 – Art Activity -Zines & Flip Books





For this weeks art activity zines and flip books, I did my own little zine called “Don’t @ Me.” I thought of the idea of making a little book of some of my most recently saved favorite tweets on my personal account. I wanted to not only include the entire tweet but also I decided to draw each tweet owners thumbnail profile picture on my own which I thought would make it a little cooler. Each tweet was written exactly how it was tweeted. I used notecards and colored fuzzy tube cleaners to bind each card together which I thought would add some color to the entire book. The hard part was not having a hole punch so I had to punch holes through each page individually with a nail (the only thing I could find that could do the best job). The inspiration I got to create this little zine (if it counts as one) was that sometimes when I am bored and lurking on Twitter, I often like to reread my favorite tweets only because I often forget I’ve saved a lot of funny and interesting ones that I forgot I had saved. “Don’t @ Me” is a saying often seen on Twitter when someone says an unpopular, controversial, or personal opinion, and the speaker really doesn’t want to hear the backlash about it from anyone else. Each of these tweets is basically that–just people speaking their minds. It’s what I really enjoy about Twitter, too. The tweets I included inside were not chosen by me personally; they were added in the order that appeared in my favorites list. Overall experience for this weeks activity was 10/10.


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