Wk 5 – Art Activity – Graffiti Writing


So for this weeks art activity Graffiti Writing, I basically wrote my “other name” down which a lot of my friends recognize me as because it’s my handle on several of my social media accounts so it’s kind of a part of me, if you can say that. Mainly because I’m literally always tired, always been tired. It was a funny thing to me so it just stuck. I don’t think of myself to have great penmanship so it was pretty basic as far as lettering. I wish I had more paint and time to practice on my lettering because prior to finishing, I used half the cans up with just practicing how I wanted the lettering to look like. But I think the overlapping of colors and letters make it look pretty cool besides being so simple. Also, I love the colors Cyan and Pink Rose that I got in my art kit. I wasn’t able to make it to Venice Beach to write on some walls or rocks, so I just did mine a poster board. I wrote “been tired” out about six times. I wanted to make sure it didn’t end up looking unreadable because of how many times I had written it out. Overall, the activity was fun despite my breathing paint for an hour. Stay tired.


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