Art Activity Week 2: It’s My Party, And I’ll Die If I Want To (Landscapes With A Corpse)

Processed with Snapseed.

So for this weeks Landscapes With A Corpse art activity, I was inspired by September. Why? Because it’s my birthday month. I took a look at Izima Kaoru’s work on Landscapes With A Corpse, and I was so intrigued; I loved the scenery, the fashion, the landscapes nonetheless; it was really fun to look at the different shots and coming up with stories in my head of maybe what would have happened in the shot–the story behind the corpse, you know? I was very inspired, ha ha. I thought up a scenario of my throwing a party for myself (inviting others as well), but no one shows up; and I’m alone so I kill myself. Pretty morbid and depressing, but I really liked the idea. But I ended up setting up the photo as if the party had ended, and I simply just killed myself. So I sort of incorporated both ideas into one. Also, I found “It’s My Party, And I’ll Die If I Want To” to be quite appropriate and fun as a title. A “Danger: Zombies” sign appeared without my knowing which was also fitting although it was just there; I didn’t realize it until I was editing. Special thanks to my roommates Eric and Jessie for helping me take the photo and setting up. They helped with the balloons, editing, props like the fake gift, red cups, dirty table, grungy couch, etc. They were awesome helpers. They encouraged that I take it as the sun shined through into our garage because the lighting was perfect–I loved the idea of natural lighting. It was fun; it only took a few minutes, and we found the right shot.


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