Classmate Conversation (Wk 2): Is art important in todays world?


So for week 2, I got together with Briana Garcia who right now is a Health Science major studying to become a pediatrician. She works in retail in which she says, “gross.” And I could totally relate to because I worked in retail since I was 16 up until I was about 23 so I roll my eyes to the entire retail field of work because it is NOT easy. She is a retired athlete who still has “mad love for the game”–that game being basketball; which I admire because I can’t shoot anything to save my life.  She was born in California but learned English as her second language and Spanish as her first. When asked her opinion of whether or not art is important in today’s world she stated that it was definitely important in today’s world because without it, the world would be pretty dull. She believes art comes in all forms from paint and canvas to musical albums (which I agree), and these forms of art provide forms of expression in such things as marketing and advertisement. She believes the bottom line is to express a point, emotion, etc. She gives the example of photography portraying cities or subjects that have gone through distressing events such as natural disasters, the picture is meant to elicit emotion and response to provide aid. She explains that it is a lot more powerful than standing, staring at a picture in some museum.


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