Plaster Casting (Wk 1)

Okay, so I had no time to go to the beach to do this project as much as I’d like to so I had to do mine at home. I bought an extra bucket for the plaster, which I bought at Home Depot (only for $5 for 50 lbs. so now I have a bunch of play sand laying around), and used the bucket provided for in our art kit for the sand only because I didn’t want the plaster to ruin it (even though Prof. Glenn clearly said it wouldn’t haha). I buried my right hand in the bucket of sand, pulled it out, poured mixed plaster in, watched the last episode of my current binge-watch series, and went back to it an hour later. My hand looks exactly as I thought it would look–really big, like just a really big hand. But it was pretty cool. I’m so glad there was an alternative to completing this project. I think my plaster hand came out pretty all right if ya ask me!IMG_0563 copy.jpg


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