Classmate Conversation: Where Do You Draw the Line of What Is Art?

So for our classmate conversation I partnered with Jacqueline Perez, who likes to go by Jackie (which I love), we didn’t have much time to talk. Jackie is a sociology major who is attending CSULB for her second year. She calls me Slay-la because she apparently admires how well I do my make up which was really cool because I really don’t even try as much as it may look like I do. But anyways, when questioned with where we draw the line of what art is, we came to a mutual agreement that it’s like a trick question: there isn’t a line. Definition of art is like the saying of “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” such that every definition of what art is varies as well as what counts as art. So the answer to that question is always subjective in the sense that we all have opinions of what we’d count as art. And unfortunately, Jackie was trying to add the class but didn’t make it in on time. So, hey, Jackie (bye, Jackie). It was cool while it lasted!IMG_0564 copy.jpg


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