Wk 15-EC-Feedback

Top 3 Favorite Art Activities for Fall Semester Art 110:

  1. Landscape With A Corpse
  2. Automatic Drawing
  3. Sketching in the Japanese Garden


Landscape With A Corpse:

I really enjoyed this activity not only because recreating it in my own way was hilarious and super fun but because the original work by Izima Kaoru was so inspiring. I thought the concept of the entire project was so original and creative. The landscapes, the fashion, poses, models–they were all so cool to look at. Looking through some of the other people in the class and their takes on Landscape With A Corpse recreations was awesome.

Automatic Drawing:

I think the reason I mostly enjoyed this activity was because I had a friend, some brews, and Johnny Cash to help me get it done. It was just a fun time all around. Others say it was awkward, but for me, it was pretty fun if you have the right setup and partner.

Sketching in the Japanese Garden:

I loved this activity! It was so relaxing. I don’t spend any time in the garden so finally being able to after so long was really nice. Getting things I was observing onto my sketch pad was just something I really enjoyed. I got the chance to chat with a fellow classmate while I sketched, we critiqued each other, and it was a pretty cool time. Definitely recommend keeping this activity–all three of the above actually!


I really enjoyed the Hybrid aspect of the class. I have a busy schedule so it was really nice not to have to be on campus for an extra day for the class. The Beach Arts website was pretty self-explanatory. I never felt like there were details that were missing that may prevent me from getting each activity done right. I encourage the display of other classmates artwork and projects very much! I really enjoyed that. I also totally agree on the idea of an ePortfolio. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to stop and revise my entire website to transform it into one, but I completely agree that in this day and age, an ePortfolio seems pretty useful and convenient. I loved the art talk videos. They were the right length. There weren’t any that made me think, “when is this thing over?” They were not only informative but pretty interesting. The examples included in all of them made it overall worth watching.


Enjoy the holidays, Glenn! Thanks for the cool times this Fall semester!


Wk 15-Art Activity- Finger Painting

For this weeks art activity, finger painting, I really had no aim as to what exactly I wanted to draw–if I wanted to draw an actual picture or if I was going to just wing it and get down whatever the heck my fingers were trying to do on that paper. I basically just started repeating different patterns at first which you can see on the left side. I have long nails so I was dipping my nails in the paint and scratching them onto the paper to make random vertical lines. They came out pretty cool. I made fingerprint dots off in one section, a flower, and played with the blue colors I received in my art kit. They looked so pretty together so I decided to mess around and mix them together–reminded me of the ocean. I  used some of the red paint to draw a flower–a hibiscus to be exact. I grew up on an island that had them in every corner, front yard, and garden so they are easily my favorite flower. I did not think it was very difficult at all to get anything onto the paper. I just winged it, and it really was pretty inspiring. I found myself drawing things I missed the most–home and the ocean. So overall, I enjoyed this activity. I haven’t fingerprinted in years so it was pretty liberating getting a little messy. Definitely going to try this out on my own again maybe with more friends and wine.

Wk 14-Art Activity-Instagram

This weeks activity consisted of the entire class posting up to 4 photos to Instagram with the hashtag #Art110f16 in which we would all contribute to in order to make our “giant group selfie.” I really like the idea of it. It also makes me really appreciate how convenient hashtags are and how they link like people together–speaking the same things, doing the same things that so many others are doing as well and all over the world, too. When I took a close look at our group selfie, I noticed a lot of the common things I usually see on Instagram: OOTDs (Outfits of the Day), food grams, dog grams, scenery, etc. I also noticed that certain people edit their photos according to the type of aesthetic they find pleasing whether it involves lighting, color, photo subjects, etc. I see this all across many other IG accounts. There is usually a certain “vibe” each user wants their audience to feel–a vibe that reflects off of each user and the aesthetic they want to give off. I really enjoy people who do this because I think it not only is visually appealing, but it tells you a lot of the “style” of each user. Each picture involves the personal life of each user and whether or not there is much content in the picture, it is interesting to think of how each picture is just a glimpse of what was going on at the time each photo was taken. I did a lot of contemplating during this activity, and it was pretty interesting to think about the art of documentation nowadays, if I can get away with saying that (ha ha).

Wk 14-Classmate Conversation-Joy Uba


This is Joy Uba. She is graduating in 2 weeks with her BS in Accounting! I congratulated her on that because I can only imagine how relieved she must be. I’m graduating in the Spring so I already cannot wait for that! Joy is super smart, ha ha. She is a part of the Beta Alpha Psi and Accounting Society as well as other club which I think are pretty cool accomplishments. She has apparently taken up photography as a hobby. She says she is only a beginner, but her IG followers often speak of how professional her photos were. She says she plays the piano and the ukulele which is super cool because I’ve always wanted to learn to play the piano, however, I love playing the ukulele as well. It’s the only instrument I could play, and once I got the hang of it, it was so fun to play. She one day hopes to open up a cool, little coffee shop in downtown Riverside which is pretty cool. When I spoke to her about her view on the college experience in the year 2036, she says that she believes technology would essentially take over the way we live and learn as there may also be alternatives to actually driving and physically attending class. She explains that an alternative she can think of would be students ability to “sit in” class for lectures and the like with virtual reality helmets. Honestly, her idea was pretty cool, and I hope she’s right! Ha ha. Check her out: https://pizzagreaterthanyou.wordpress.com

Wk 13-Classmate Conversation-Alex Miramontes


This is Alex Miramontes. He recently turned 22. He is in his fourth year at CSULB majoring in Psychology and minoring in Human Development. He is expected to graduate this coming Spring (so am I) which he’s really excited about (so am I!). Alex plans to take a year off school before he applies for a master’s program which I give him props for because that means more school, ha ha. We found that we both enjoy live music and concerts. His favorite bands include Arcade Fire, The Xx, The National, and Local Natives (all of which I LOVE). I’ve never heard of The National but he says they’re awesome with a really cool sounds so I told him I’d check them out. He hopes to one days see The Xx live in the near future. When asked whether he would take the red or blue pill from The Matrix, Alex and I agreed that we definitely would rather take the red pill. We agreed that the red pill was overall made more exciting rather than taking the blue pill and waking up in our beds like nothing ever happened. We both thought that was pretty boring but if a mysterious man said that a pill would take us down a rabbit hole of a journey, we’d definitely do that instead. Check out his page: https://alvxm.wordpress.com.

Wk 12-Artist Conversation-Sage Garver

Artist: Sage Garver

Exhibition: Bio

Media: Polyurethane Foam, paint, wire, plastic film

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: N/A


Sage Garver is now a 24-year-old senior completing her BFA in Sculpture. She is a local to Hermosa Beach. However, she was born in the Philippines. She previously attended El Camino College where her interest in sculpture flourished so she followed that interest and decided to study it, but previously she showed interest in drawing, hiking, cooking as other hobbies she tries to keep up. Sage mentions that although this is her first senior exhibit, she enjoyed the work she put into it especially when it came to designing. She mentions the most strenuous task about creating her exhibit was installing every piece she had meant for it–it took her several days where she was working nonstop to get it finished. But overall, she really enjoyed putting all her ideas together to get the end result she was looking for.

Bio, to me, had a very sleek and simple look. White sculpted polyurethane foam on the walls representing microscopic images of the cells, viruses, and diseases Sage was familiar to. Everything was painted white except the centerpiece which looked almost like a nucleus or ball of cells which may have represented an aspect to the disease Sage was pinpointing. Connected to this ball were gold chains which to me represented axons which transmit things to and from one cell body to another.

Sage mentioned repeatedly that a lot of the exhibition was a representation of her body. She goes on to mention that she suffered from an illness as a child until the present day. This illness, she says, was quite debilitating and hindered her from doing the things she wanted to do as a child and as she grew up since she was often in and out of the hospital frequently. There is a metaphor for unity she uses in Bio which could possibly represent how there are different aspects in life that harmonize with each other allowing us to maintain health and happiness within ourselves and our bodies. The fork found within the exhibit is meant to represent the importance of what we allow ourselves to put into our bodies and how these things affect our bodies immediately and down the line as we age. Sage says Bio is open to interpretation as she does acknowledge that he work is meant to be quite ambiguous.

Bio really hit home for me as it brought back memories of how I had to watch a close friend battle with a serious illness as we grew up. Back then, I was too young to make sense of everything–I just knew that something was wrong with her. Growing up it caused me to become fearful of sickness and diseases. I was teased by friends for being too much of a germaphobe. I had this fear and knowledge of death at a young age, and it greatly affected how I continued to live my life once I was old enough to make sense of it. I find myself terrified of cancer especially. I was once told that 80% of people will end up with some form of cancer within their lives, and it terrifies me. So I really empathize with Sage because although I’ve never had to live with a debilitating disease, I’ve seen the toll it takes on someones body and how hard it can be to deal with it especially emotionally. Bio was a beautiful exhibit.


Wk 11 – Artist Conversation – Kyle Kruse

Artist Name: Kyle Kruse

Exhibition: Janus Maxim

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

Media: Film, Wood carving and sculpture, Print Making

Website: kylekruseart.com

IG: @kyle.kruse

Kyle Kruse is a 23-year-old senior at CSULB who has already graduated with his BFA in Sculpture but has come back to present his senior show. He has lived in Long Beach for about 6 years now but says he is really not one to be in the same city for more than a year. Therefore, he has plans to move to UK, if not New York. He says he loves the idea of exploring so he enjoys moving from place to place very often. If he is able to move out to the UK, he will be pursuing his general MFA with Masters in Visual Anthropology.  His favorite dish is curry (which I love as well). He enjoys spending his time learning new things and reading. He states he is not very good at verbalizing things so he enjoys conveying messages within his work for the words and ideas he find too difficult to convey by language alone.

Janus Maxim was presented in a very dimly lit room where three circular carvings framed upon the left wall as three pillars held three handmade masks which I assumed were made to represent the Greek gods he was representing. Each pillar was draped in what looked like animal fur. It was hard to discern whether or not this fur was faux or genuine. He also had three separate short films playing across the room of obscure images and one with what looked like someone wearing one of the masks he had made. The carvings on the wall seemed to have been glossed over for they had a shine to them. Each carving seems to again portray the gods Kruse aimed his exhibition on which were Prometheus, Janus, Sisyphus.

When asked what Janus Maxim, Kruse says he chose those particular Greek mythical gods because, for the most part, most of society has at least heard of them before. He wishes to expand the Western way of viewing art but instead convey it in ways other parts of the world may see it. Janus Maxim  was meant to represent pagan religious/monotheistic religions that came before Greek Mythology. Janus Maxim is also meant to convey that there is always a unified factor of what “human” is. These gods were created with a human factor. Although these gods are considered mythical, they contain human-like characteristics. His interest is finding out whatever it is that has held us back from tracing back to what it was like to be truly human before society has taught us to be in contrast to being whatever it means to be “truly human.” We have a lot of inculturation that we do not really know what is going on everywhere else and feeling connected to that. So this has been his goal and hopes to use his experiential sculptures as a way of communicating these ideas.

First impression of Janus Maxim was that there was definitely a emotionally dark feeling to the entire exhibit. I have never studied or delved into Greek Mythology so it was difficult to understand what exactly Kyle Kruse was trying to convey through his highlight on these three Greek gods. The exhibit alone felt very masculine and intense. However, I admired the carving very much. The way the light hit them in the dark accentuated them and really brought out the detailing in each of the carvings. The talent it takes to create something like that is something I envy very much. I was intrigued by Kruse’s desire to communicate through his sculptures because I believe that sometimes there are no words to express a feeling, a concept, emotion, etc.